USB Host Shield 2.0
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BluetoothService Class Referenceabstract

#include <BTD.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BluetoothService (BTD *p)
virtual void ACLData (uint8_t *ACLData)=0
virtual void Run ()=0
virtual void Reset ()=0
virtual void disconnect ()=0
void attachOnInit (void(*funcOnInit)(void))

Protected Member Functions

virtual void onInit ()=0
bool checkHciHandle (uint8_t *buf, uint16_t handle)

Protected Attributes

void(* pFuncOnInit )(void)
uint16_t hci_handle
uint32_t l2cap_event_flag
uint8_t identifier

Detailed Description

All Bluetooth services should inherit this class.

Definition at line 604 of file BTD.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BluetoothService()

BluetoothService::BluetoothService ( BTD p)

Definition at line 606 of file BTD.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ACLData()

virtual void BluetoothService::ACLData ( uint8_t *  ACLData)
pure virtual

Used to pass acldata to the Bluetooth service.

ACLDataPointer to the incoming acldata.

Implemented in WII, PS3BT, SPP, and BTHID.

◆ Run()

virtual void BluetoothService::Run ( )
pure virtual

Used to run the different state machines in the Bluetooth service.

Implemented in WII, PS3BT, SPP, and BTHID.

◆ Reset()

virtual void BluetoothService::Reset ( )
pure virtual

Used to reset the Bluetooth service.

Implemented in WII, PS3BT, SPP, and BTHID.

◆ disconnect()

virtual void BluetoothService::disconnect ( )
pure virtual

Used to disconnect both the L2CAP Channel and the HCI Connection for the Bluetooth service.

Implemented in WII, SPP, PS3BT, and BTHID.

◆ attachOnInit()

void BluetoothService::attachOnInit ( void(*)(void)  funcOnInit)

Used to call your own function when the device is successfully initialized.

funcOnInitFunction to call.

Definition at line 626 of file BTD.h.

◆ onInit()

virtual void BluetoothService::onInit ( )
protectedpure virtual

Called when a device is successfully initialized. Use attachOnInit(void (*funcOnInit)(void)) to call your own function. This is useful for instance if you want to set the LEDs in a specific way.

Implemented in WII, PS3BT, SPP, and BTHID.

◆ checkHciHandle()

bool BluetoothService::checkHciHandle ( uint8_t *  buf,
uint16_t  handle 

Used to check if the incoming L2CAP data matches the HCI Handle

Definition at line 639 of file BTD.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ pFuncOnInit

void(* BluetoothService::pFuncOnInit) (void)

Pointer to function called in onInit().

Definition at line 644 of file BTD.h.

◆ pBtd

BTD* BluetoothService::pBtd

Pointer to BTD instance.

Definition at line 647 of file BTD.h.

◆ hci_handle

uint16_t BluetoothService::hci_handle

The HCI Handle for the connection.

Definition at line 650 of file BTD.h.

◆ l2cap_event_flag

uint32_t BluetoothService::l2cap_event_flag

L2CAP flags of received Bluetooth events.

Definition at line 653 of file BTD.h.

◆ identifier

uint8_t BluetoothService::identifier

Identifier for L2CAP commands.

Definition at line 656 of file BTD.h.

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