USB Host Shield 2.0
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PS4USB Class Reference

#include <PS4USB.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PS4USB (USB *p)
bool connected ()
void attachOnInit (void(*funcOnInit)(void))
- Public Member Functions inherited from HIDUniversal
 HIDUniversal (USB *p)
uint8_t Poll () override
void EndpointXtract (uint8_t conf, uint8_t iface, uint8_t alt, uint8_t proto, const USB_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR *ep) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from HIDComposite
 HIDComposite (USB *p)
bool SetReportParser (uint8_t id, HIDReportParser *prs)
uint8_t Init (uint8_t parent, uint8_t port, bool lowspeed)
uint8_t Release ()
virtual uint8_t GetAddress ()
virtual bool isReady ()
uint8_t SndRpt (uint16_t nbytes, uint8_t *dataptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from USBHID
 USBHID (USB *pusb)
const USBGetUsb ()
uint8_t SetProtocol (uint8_t iface, uint8_t protocol)
uint8_t GetProtocol (uint8_t iface, uint8_t *dataptr)
uint8_t GetIdle (uint8_t iface, uint8_t reportID, uint8_t *dataptr)
uint8_t SetIdle (uint8_t iface, uint8_t reportID, uint8_t duration)
uint8_t GetReportDescr (uint16_t wIndex, USBReadParser *parser=NULL)
uint8_t GetHidDescr (uint8_t ep, uint16_t nbytes, uint8_t *dataptr)
uint8_t GetReport (uint8_t ep, uint8_t iface, uint8_t report_type, uint8_t report_id, uint16_t nbytes, uint8_t *dataptr)
uint8_t SetReport (uint8_t ep, uint8_t iface, uint8_t report_type, uint8_t report_id, uint16_t nbytes, uint8_t *dataptr)
- Public Member Functions inherited from USBDeviceConfig
virtual uint8_t ConfigureDevice (uint8_t parent, uint8_t port, bool lowspeed)
virtual void ResetHubPort (uint8_t port)
virtual bool DEVCLASSOK (uint8_t klass)
virtual bool DEVSUBCLASSOK (uint8_t subklass)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PS4Parser
 PS4Parser ()
bool getButtonPress (ButtonEnum b)
bool getButtonClick (ButtonEnum b)
uint8_t getAnalogButton (ButtonEnum b)
uint8_t getAnalogHat (AnalogHatEnum a)
uint16_t getX (uint8_t finger=0, uint8_t xyId=0)
uint16_t getY (uint8_t finger=0, uint8_t xyId=0)
bool isTouching (uint8_t finger=0, uint8_t xyId=0)
uint8_t getTouchCounter (uint8_t finger=0, uint8_t xyId=0)
float getAngle (AngleEnum a)
int16_t getSensor (SensorEnum s)
uint8_t getBatteryLevel ()
bool getUsbStatus ()
bool getAudioStatus ()
bool getMicStatus ()
void setAllOff ()
void setRumbleOff ()
void setRumbleOn (RumbleEnum mode)
void setRumbleOn (uint8_t bigRumble, uint8_t smallRumble)
void setLedOff ()
void setLed (uint8_t r, uint8_t g, uint8_t b)
void setLed (ColorsEnum color)
void setLedFlash (uint8_t flashOn, uint8_t flashOff)

Protected Member Functions

HIDUniversal implementation
virtual void ParseHIDData (USBHID *hid, bool is_rpt_id, uint8_t len, uint8_t *buf)
virtual uint8_t OnInitSuccessful ()
PS4Parser implementation
virtual void sendOutputReport (PS4Output *output)
USBDeviceConfig implementation
virtual bool VIDPIDOK (uint16_t vid, uint16_t pid)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HIDComposite
uint16_t GetHidClassDescrLen (uint8_t type, uint8_t num)
void Initialize ()
HIDInterfaceFindInterface (uint8_t iface, uint8_t alt, uint8_t proto)
void ZeroMemory (uint8_t len, uint8_t *buf)
HIDReportParserGetReportParser (uint8_t id)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from USBHID
void PrintEndpointDescriptor (const USB_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR *ep_ptr)
void PrintHidDescriptor (const USB_HID_DESCRIPTOR *pDesc)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from PS4Parser
void Parse (uint8_t len, uint8_t *buf)
void Reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from HIDComposite
struct HIDComposite::ReportParser rptParsers [MAX_REPORT_PARSERS]
uint8_t bConfNum
uint8_t bNumIface
uint8_t bNumEP
uint32_t qNextPollTime
uint8_t pollInterval
bool bPollEnable
EpInfo epInfo [totalEndpoints]
HIDInterface hidInterfaces [maxHidInterfaces]
bool bHasReportId
uint16_t PID
uint16_t VID
- Protected Attributes inherited from USBHID
uint8_t bAddress
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from HIDComposite
static const uint16_t constBuffLen = 64
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from USBHID
static const uint8_t epInterruptInIndex = 1
static const uint8_t epInterruptOutIndex = 2
static const uint8_t maxHidInterfaces = 5
static const uint8_t maxEpPerInterface = 2
static const uint8_t totalEndpoints = (maxHidInterfaces * maxEpPerInterface + 1)

Detailed Description

This class implements support for the PS4 controller via USB. It uses the HIDUniversal class for all the USB communication.

Definition at line 32 of file PS4USB.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PS4USB()


Constructor for the PS4USB class.

pPointer to the USB class instance.

Definition at line 38 of file PS4USB.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ connected()

bool PS4USB::connected ( )

Used to check if a PS4 controller is connected.

Returns true if it is connected.

Definition at line 47 of file PS4USB.h.

◆ attachOnInit()

void PS4USB::attachOnInit ( void(*)(void)  funcOnInit)

Used to call your own function when the device is successfully initialized.

funcOnInitFunction to call.

Definition at line 55 of file PS4USB.h.

◆ ParseHIDData()

virtual void PS4USB::ParseHIDData ( USBHID hid,
bool  is_rpt_id,
uint8_t  len,
uint8_t *  buf 

Used to parse USB HID data.

hidPointer to the HID class.
is_rpt_idOnly used for Hubs.
lenThe length of the incoming data.
bufPointer to the data buffer.

Reimplemented from HIDUniversal.

Definition at line 68 of file PS4USB.h.

◆ OnInitSuccessful()

virtual uint8_t PS4USB::OnInitSuccessful ( )

Called when a device is successfully initialized. Use attachOnInit(void (*funcOnInit)(void)) to call your own function. This is useful for instance if you want to set the LEDs in a specific way.

Reimplemented from HIDComposite.

Definition at line 78 of file PS4USB.h.

◆ sendOutputReport()

virtual void PS4USB::sendOutputReport ( PS4Output output)

Send the output to the PS4 controller. This is implemented in PS4BT.h and PS4USB.h.

outputPointer to PS4Output buffer;

Implements PS4Parser.

Definition at line 91 of file PS4USB.h.


virtual bool PS4USB::VIDPIDOK ( uint16_t  vid,
uint16_t  pid 

Used by the USB core to check what this driver support.

vidThe device's VID.
pidThe device's PID.
Returns true if the device's VID and PID matches this driver.

Reimplemented from USBDeviceConfig.

Definition at line 123 of file PS4USB.h.

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