USB Host Shield 2.0
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tty_features Struct Reference

#include <cdcacm.h>

Public Attributes

union {
   uint8_t   tty
   struct {
      bool   enhanced: 1
      bool   wide: 1
      bool   autoflow_RTS: 1
      bool   autoflow_DSR: 1
      bool   autoflow_XON: 1
      bool   half_duplex: 1

Detailed Description

This structure is used to report the extended capabilities of the connected device. It is also used to report the current status. Regular CDC-ACM reports all as false.

Definition at line 143 of file cdcacm.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ tty

uint8_t tty_features::tty

Definition at line 146 of file cdcacm.h.

◆ enhanced

bool tty_features::enhanced

Definition at line 149 of file cdcacm.h.

◆ wide

bool tty_features::wide

Definition at line 152 of file cdcacm.h.

◆ autoflow_RTS

bool tty_features::autoflow_RTS

Definition at line 153 of file cdcacm.h.

◆ autoflow_DSR

bool tty_features::autoflow_DSR

Definition at line 154 of file cdcacm.h.

◆ autoflow_XON

bool tty_features::autoflow_XON

Definition at line 155 of file cdcacm.h.

◆ half_duplex

bool tty_features::half_duplex

Definition at line 156 of file cdcacm.h.


union { ... }

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